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We provide clear and practical advice at the early stages of product development to maximise efficiency and flexibility of a product or system. As experienced manufacturing engineers, we will already be thinking of product functionality, longevity, testing compliance, mass production efficiencies; we will even be thinking of the most effective way to ship and transport the end product.


At DCE, we assist clients through the initial stages of the engineering process. It is during this stage that we take the time to thoroughly understand your brief and all your aspirations for the product. We will collaborate with you and undertake rigorous research and coordinate with the relevant disciplines of engineers required to develop he product.


After we have fully understood your requirements, we commence the design phase. We create 3D models using state of the art engineering software in order to coordinate and deliver a complete solution. We then render your model so you can visualise how your product will look and function as an individual component


Prior to undertaking mass production, it is critical for our clients to be able to see the product in order to facilitate any final changes. This also enables a test run of the production process so that DCE can finalise and refine the process as required.


This is a critical phase in all engineering products and processes. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure a product or system is created to meet Australian and global standards of quality and safety compliance. We have a network of NATA accredited testing facilities to be able to undertake any requisite product compliance testing.


We have experience and understanding of materials and how to bring them together. We utilise the latest manufacturing software, process plant, semi and fully automated machinery, robotic machinery, 3D printing and laser cutting. We have internal folding, bending, cutting and powder coating production lines. We continue to invest in our processes and leading technologies to give our customers an edge in their respective marketplaces.


The products we manufacture are either complete systems or a part of an overall system. In any case, the efficient transportation of goods can require local assembly. Our distribution centre is equipped with assembly capability, with skilled labour and all of the required tools.


DCE manages the end to end movement of manufactured goods to your required end destination, whether this be your facility or directly to your customers. We have a global network of freight forwarders and shipping companies to move goods domestically or internationally; by road, air or sea freight.